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Wednesday 7th of June
From The Desk Of Charles Toney
Full Time Internet Marketer

Profit producing websites need to have the following critical elements: action generating copy, a compelling offer, an attractive, useful & wanted product and an effective sales page.

Guru's will tell you that plain page sites will work for you... what they fail to explain is that with the myriad of competition in the online market a website that is both effective, useable, well laid out and eye-catching is also an important factor... website attractiveness allows your marketing message to get through by capturing the interest of your visitor graphically, and then presenting them with your offer (ever wonder why the big boys tell you not to use headers, yet they themselves use well-designed and graphical sites to sell their own products?).

A good first impression is CRITICAL to branding you, your product and your offer and making your customers trust you enough to give you their money -- using an amateurish or slipshod image can DESTROY rather than build your credibility.

When you are working hard to build your business, position your products and paying a lot for your traffic and leads, you want to ensure that you're landing pages and sales letters are getting the best conversion rates possible. The survival of your business or offer depends on it.

This is why when putting together a marketing website it requires a designer who not only understands your target market, but one who has a proven track record, and can provide graphics that are unique, professional, are usable by your visitors and assists you in delivering your marketing message.

IMPORTANT: The Majority Of Websites FAIL
To Capture A Prospects Attention... Why?

Because they are often too plain, boring or cookie cuttered to blast their way through the myriad of other sites trying to get your visitors attention.

You know what I'm talking about...

You and I get email promotions flooding our inboxes daily, and every link you click takes you to the exact same ineffectively designed sales page, over and over... just different words. (yawn)

You spend maybe 3 seconds there, hoping the copy snags your attention.

Listen: I'm FAR from being an expert copywriter. I need something more than "hot button" phrases and "emotional triggers".  I have to count on what I am good at... and that's creating unique, professional, attention-grabbing graphics that helps me deliver my message in an effective and targeted manner...

And I Know YOU Have The Same Frustrations Too!

Here's what I've specially created for you:

Six Brand-New, Richly Detailed, Eye-Catching, Easy To Use High Quality Premium Designs Created By A Marketer Specifically For Marketers...

Here's What You Get:

The Premium "Treasure" Template - A highly attractive, rich, "old-world" look & feel that invites your visitors to discover the "treasure" in your marketing message.

The Premium "Wood" Template - A high quality, rustic design that creates a unique backdrop to your salespage.

The Premium "Bronze" Template - You can almost smell the old, worn leather used in this design. Vintage-style paper adds additional texture and depth to your graphics.

The Premium "Raw Silk" Template - The richly coloured fabric used in this design offers depth and drama against the elegance of the background imagery.

The Premium "Metal" Template - Detailed layers of old and new metals are used here to create a feeling of strength and solidity. A wonderful background for any sales message.

The Premium "Stone" Template - This ancient stone background helps portray longevity - a great design for a product with a long shelf life.

Each template package includes:

Customizable Blank Headers - This allows you to add your logo, product title or company name without any fuss! You can use Photoshop or a similar program to work right on top of the flat image!

Testimonial Box - Perfect for adding social proofing such as testimonials to your mini-site. I recommend you use it for video descriptions, or detailed module info or even as a final order form to make it stand out!

An Opt-In Box - I'll even provide you with a high impact call-to-action squeeze page along with a small box to place your web form capture inside! Perfect for grabbing attention and getting your visitors to give you their details!

Download Page - And finally, to complete the mini-site, I've even added a download page so you can send your customers here to download their product. The download page keeps everything in sync so your visitors will remember who they bought from and where and it acts as a perfect way to monetize other products!

See Your Templates In Detail!


But Wait!.. That's Not All!...

Because Social Media Has Become A VERY Important Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal You're Also Going To Get Six Matching Twitter Backgrounds!

The Complete Premium Power Templates package will be provided "ready to use" in HTML format. All you need to do is open the pages in your favourite HTML editor and type in your copy!

But Wait!.. That's Not All!...

Grab Your Templates Today And Receive 2500 Premium Web Graphics To Complete Your Mini-Sites! Collectively Worth $197, You Receive Absolutely FREE As A Bonus!


84 Checkmarks and Bullets (in Transparent PNG). The checkmarks come in 2 styles ("checkmark" and "x mark") and in 6 colors and 6 sizes. The bullets come in 2 styles x 1 size x 6 colors.

144 "Call To Action" buttons (in Transparent PNG). The buttons come with 8 phrases x 6 colors x 3 sizes. The phrases are: "Add To Cart, Continue, Get It Now, Join Now, Order Now, Register Now, Sign Up Now, Subscribe Now".

144 "Call To Action" buttons (in Animated GIF). These are the same buttons as the PNG ones above, and come with the same phrases, colors and sizes. What makes them different is that they're Animated GIF files, that have a slight animation effect to make them stand out more.

18 Guarantee signs (in Transparent PNG). There are 6 different colors and 3 different sizes.

6 Guarantee signs in animated GIF. Same as above, but they come in Animated GIF format.

468 Letters (in Transparent PNG). Cover all the letters in the alphabet from A to Z. Each letter comes in 6 different colors and 3 different sizes.

You can use these as drop caps on your sales pages, you can spell things out with them, etc..

162 Numbers (in Transparent PNG). Go from 0 to 9. Come in 6 different colors and 3 different sizes each.

Use these numbers to break down different modules, sections, bonuses, offers, etc..

360 Keyboard Signs (in transparent PNG). 20 signs x 6 colors x 3 sizes each. You can see all the different signs in the sample below.

There are a lot of uses for these signs. You can put the quotes next to a testimonial or headline, the number sign next to a numbered section, etc..

96 Arrows (in Transparent PNG). Come in 6 colors x 4 directions x 4 sizes. The 4 directions are: up, down, left and right.

96 Arrows (in Animated GIF). Same as above, but these ones come with simple animations to make them stand out more.

126 Attention Headlines (in Transparent PNG). In 7 phrases ("The Bonuses, The Modules, Yours Free, Limited Time Offer, What You Get. One Time Offer, Special Offer") x 6 colors each x 3 sizes each.

+ Attention Headlines (in Animated GIF). "Stop Wait!!!" and just the stop sign in different sizes each.

You can use all of these graphics to call attention to certain sections on your site (like bonuses or modules) or to make special offers stand out.

162 "Bonus" icons (in Transparent PNG). Bonus 1 - 9 in 6 colors each and 3 sizes each.

36 Headers (in Transparent PNG). Simple website headers with round and square corners, in 3 sizes each (800px wide, 750 px wide, and 700 px wide), and in 6 colors each. You can add your own text to them in any graphics program.

36 Footers (in Transparent PNG). Simple website footers with round and square corners, in 3 sizes each (800px wide, 750 px wide, and 700 px wide), and in 6 colors each.

87 Blank Graphics Elements (in Transparent PNG). All the buttons and badges in this package also come in these "blank" graphics elements. So you can add your own text to these in your favorite graphics program (no special software required, use ANY graphics program you already use to edit these files).

These graphics cover pretty much everything you need for your website, from top to bottom. Plus they come in a variety of different sizes and colors, so you'll be able to find something to match the exact look of your site.

You just stick them into your websites and you're good to go!

It's much easier and more cost effective to use a package like this for some quick graphics touch ups, than to hire a designer for a "small" job. When ever you need some quick extra graphics for your site, just open up this package, and quickly go through the nicely organized collection. Fast and easy.

"Highest Click-Through Ever!"

"Hi! thanks for all your help! I ran the new opt-in page on Google. I am getting the highest click through that I have ever gotten!"

- David Roppo,
VisionQuest Life Coaching

"You'll Be Seeing Me Again
In The Very Near Future!"

"I just wanted to send a big "Thank You" your way for creating one of the most amazing minisites and ebook covers I've ever seen for me, and for doing it in such a short amount of time.

As a full-time marketer I'm extremely busy and when time is limited it's very hard to find a reliable designer to not only create a quality product, but to deliver it in a very short amount of time.

You did both and you didn't take short cuts. You weren't happy until I was happy and I commend you for that! Outstanding job!

You'll be seeing me again in the very near future!"

- Josh Spaulding,
Ultimate Blogging Blueprint

"Absolutely LOVE The Graphics!"

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the graphics!! I am over the moon with them!!!! They are FANTASTIC! You're an angel! Also, thanks for the copywriters - I'll email them now!"

- Vanessa Bsirsky,
Sex Up Your Profile

"Uncanny Ability To Deliver!"

"Your graphics work is second to none and you have an uncanny ability to deliver work that looks even better than you could have imagined. Fast, professional and work is reasonably priced. What more could you ask for?"

- Paul Short,

"Impressed and Delighted!"

"First of all, thank-you. I wanted you to know that I am very impressed and delighted with both the quality of your design, and the speed of your service. I have to admit, when I first saw how low the quote was, I was a little skeptical. But you made a convert out of me by over-delivering. No doubt I will have more projects for you. Thanks again."

- Don Broder,
First Nations Art Store

"You Always Amaze Me!"

"You always amaze me! You are really good! Outstanding! I just laughed for joy when I saw it. Wow! Wow! is all I can say. Thank you so much. Send me the bill."

- Debbie Sipe,
Generation Eve Naturals

"First Of All.... IT WORKS!"

"I swear I'm going to start crying. :D This is just in the nick of time because I have to start paying the BILLS! Thanks a BILLION! Pleasure working with you.

I know that you put some overtime into this project and I appreciate that. I would definitely want to work with you again - your work is very high quality."

- Dr. Jason Young,
Almost Experts


"You know what...? You're incredible! I just love it! Thanks a million for your wonderful work indeed! I shall get to work on it now...;-) I sure hope (creating a Chinese character-based website) hasn't taken too much of your time and energy. Thanks very much again."

- John Chan,

"A True Professional!.."

"Amazing what you can do. Thanks! You are a true professional. Timely, detailed, and a good “listener.”

- Mark MacKenzie
Real Estate Planning, LLC

"I'm Thrilled!"

"SPECTACULAR job on my website - I'm thrilled!! Please put a great big link to your services on my site, so I don't spend so much time telling everyone how to reach you!"

- VickiLyn Hamilton,
VickiLyn's Yorkies

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